Assets & Guidelines

Everything you need to write about us.


Use these logos when featuring us in articles & media


Make sure to pair up our logo with one of our brand colors
Dark #0E1B3C

Logo Guidelines

The do’s and don’ts of using our logos


  • Don't modify our logo colors/shapes, or pair it with anything else.
  • Don't feature us, or our logos on any materials which are sexual, drug related, or illegal.
  • Don't imply partnership, endorsement, or association, unless approved directly by Awesome Motive leadership.
  • Don't use names, logos, or other materials which imitate, or could be confused with the Awesome Motive brand, or our products.


  • Do use enough space around our logos as to not clutter up or confuse our brand with another brand/product.
  • Do make sure to keep the proportions/ratio equal.
  • Do make sure to keep our logos big enough to be legible.
  • Do include our logos when linking to our websites/products.
  • Do feel free to contact us if you'd like us review your article, video, or other media content featuring Awesome Motive, or our products in order to make sure you’re complying with our guidelines.

Writing Guidelines

The do’s and don’ts of talking about us


  • Don't abbreviate the Awesome Motive trademark, pluralize, or use it as a verb.
  • Don't use the Awesome Motive logo in placement of the name "Awesome Motive".
  • Don't attempt to style the name "Awesome Motive" in text using our fonts, or similar fonts.
  • Don't display the name "Awesome Motive" as "AwesomeMotive".


  • Do display the name "Awesome Motive" with capitalization and space included, except when used as a web address.
  • Do display the name "Awesome Motive" with the same font style and size as content surrounding it.
  • Do make sure the name "Awesome Motive" is legible in copy.