Become an AM Scout

Make introductions & earn big when we close the deal.

A True Win-Win-Win Scenario

Do you know of a great business or founder that’s looking for an investment or exit? Simply make an introduction and earn big when we close the deal.

At Awesome Motive, we believe that long-term success requires aligning the incentives to ensure that everyone wins.

This is why we have designed our AM Scout Program with proper incentives to create a Triple-Win scenario:

  1. Win for You (Our AM Scout) – when we close the deal, you will receive 1% of the upfront invested capital for successful acquisition targets. Minimum $15,000 USD and maximum $150,000 USD.
  2. Win for the Founder – over the last decade, Awesome Motive has earned the reputation of offering the most fair & founder-friendly terms for acquisitions. That’s because we’re founders ourselves.
  3. Win for the Team & Users – we are experienced bootstrapped entrepreneurs with no outside investors, and we are building for the long-term. Our first priority & core value is to put People First. We will always protect our team & customers, above all.

Our goal is to acquire and invest in great internet businesses, so we can continue helping shape the web for billions of people worldwide in a way that supports open source & open web (not walled-gardens). Today over 25 million websites use our software to grow their online business and improve their workflows.

Awesome Motive is fully bootstrapped, and the only people we answer to is our team & our customers. Ultimately, our goal is to be the investors that we wish we had when we first started out.

Founders love us because of our signature Awesome Motive M&A process:

This ultimately is a huge win for our AM Scouts because we have a very high success rate in closing the deals that you refer, which means you can expect to get paid much faster.

How it works

1. Fill the form

Send us a bit more details about you and the deal that you have. We will get an AM scout agreement signed, so we can take the next steps.

2. We’ll work the deal

If it fits our criteria, then we will let you know, so you can introduce us to the founders or key leadership. After that, we will do what we do best.

3. You get paid

Once we close the deal, you will receive 1% of the upfront invested capital for successful acquisition targets. Between $15,000 to $150,000 USD.

Join our scout network

We will review your application & deal suggestion and get back to you within 2 business days with a signed AM Scout Agreement.

Anything specific you want us to know about you, or perhaps preliminary details on the deal that you're forwarding.

AM Scout Program Details

Awesome Motive is seeking to acquire great internet businesses (in particular software companies) to add to our portfolio.

In order to be eligible for AM Scout Fees:

Here’s a breakdown of AM Scout Fees:

When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations, not yours!

Syed Balkhi
Founder & CEO of Awesome Motive