Thanks for submitting your application to be considered for our Technical Support Specialist position!

Before we proceed to the next step, we ask all our technical support team members to finish the following two challenges:

  1. Identify the Bugs
  2. Basic HTML / CSS

Challenge 1 – Identify the Bugs

There are 3 bugs here on the respective bug pages:

Follow the instructions for debugging each of the three bugs on their respective pages.

This should take you between 15 – 20 minutes max.

Once done, please submit your answers using the following form:

Challenge 2 – Basic HTML / CSS

Download the optin template: PNG File and convert it into HTML / CSS. No need to make it responsive or add any jQuery. The code you submit should be written by yourself and not generated using a software program.

This challenge is to test your basic HTML / CSS skills. The final result should be nearly ready to add to a website so include form elements, etc.

This should take you no more than 1 hour.

Once done, please zip up the files and submit to us using the following form:

Enter the URL to the downloadable ZIP file containing your HTML/CSS submission.
We recommend uploading to a service like Dropbox if you don't have your own server.